About Us

Since September 1983, Thalasso PdG Inc. is the sole distributor in Canada for PHYTO 5 and Phytobiodermie’s Method.  

Looking for a product aside from traditional cosmetics, Arlette Gilet found a new method merging ancestral knowledge from traditional Oriental medicine with state-of-the art Swiss technology for issues of well-being at several levels: Skin, vital energy and emotions.

Canadian estheticians and therapists from many institutes and spas using PHYTO 5 and Phyobiodermie Method enjoy the well-being they feel working with it, as they can see the results on their clients, who usually remain faithful to the trademark as well as to their esthetician or therapist.

Ageless, also made by Laboratoire Gibro, Fleurier, Switzerland is a luxurious and effective anti-aging solution, yet natural and holistic. It has all of the following certifications: bio, organic inside, ecocert, vegan, QUANTUM. Never tested on animals.

Always looking for the best, Mrs Gilet is also a distributor for L’ÉTOILE COSMÉTIQUES, a Super anti-aging product, 100% Canadian.  

Each anti-aging formula from L’ÉTOILE COSMÉTIQUES contains a significantlyhigher concentration of the patented ingredient “Juventide™”. 

L’ÉTOILE COSMÉTIQUES is driven by a passion to design innovative dermo-cosmetic treatments based on the exceptional regenerative power of the starfish ASTERIAS VULGARIS, living in the cold Canadian waters of the Atlantic Ocean. L’ÉTOILE COSMÉTIQUES innovates with its sustainable and eco-responsible starfish collection process. This non- invasive method manages to keep alive each starfish taken, to gently harvest their precious fluid, and to return them unharmed to their original habitat in full respect of the marine ecosystem. The incredible regenerating power of starfish makes fora healthy, youthful-looking skin.