Ageless La Cure

Organic Beauty

This luxurious anti-aging solution from Phyto 5 is effective, yet natural and holistic. The 3 to 4 weeks cure is intended for day and night use. 

Discover the five major aesthetic actions for Ageless La Cure:

– Essential Hydration

– Addition of needed minerals

– Wrinkles filled from within

– Age-defying antioxidants (to fight free radicals)

– Lifting, firming and toning.

Serum 15 ml and Cream 30 ml Professional size Serum 100 ml Cream 250 ml.

Firming Eye Serum

Your Eyes Need Special Care!       

A revitalizing anti-aging serum which preserve the youthful appearance of your eyes.  Lifting effect (proven efficacy after 5 minutes,) long term anti-wrinkle effect (proven efficacy after 28 days) and excellent hydrating properties.

This light and fresh serum is perfect to moisture and to tone where signs of aging and tiredness are more visible.

Serum 15 ml Professional size 100 ml  

Hydrating Cleansing Foam

Balancing Skin Toner  

Because your skin enjoys a pleasant touch of silk !

A Ph balancing cleansing foam that hydrates with organic verbena flower water. It restores the acid mantle and protects your skin to create a calming and soothing effect. Foaming ingredients are of natural origin.

The Ageless balancing skin toner has a toning and astringent action to witch-hazel flower water and the rose water flower.

Cleansing foam 150 ml Professional size 500 ml Skin Toner 100 ml Prof. 500 ml

Phyto-Peel with AHA

For a pure and even skin complexion

The creamy peel exfoliates and deeply removes dead cells thanks to lotus, shea shell grains, and natural AHA from tropical fruits such as banana, mango and mombin plump.  Ideal for mature skin.

75 ml  prof. size 250 ml

Clay Mask

The Best Anti-Aging mask

Being extremely rich in minerals and sweet almond oil, this clay mask is nourishing and revitalizing.  The clay cleanses, mineralizes, and purifies the skin. In addition, this mask is highly moisturizing and soothing thanks to its concentration in aloe, calendula and verbena flower water. It also has revitalizing, healing and anti-wrinkle properties due to the precious rose essential oil that acts directly on collagen production.

50ml prof.size 250 ml

Perfection Cream  

Beautiful, smooth and bright skin tone

This cream is recommended to lighten the skin and uniform colour. It acts powerfully against hyper pigmentation, because of a synergy of edelweiss from the Swiss Alps, wakame and phytic acid from heat (gluten free).The antioxidants in the cream also protects your skin from free radicals: pollution, smoke, sun, stress.

50 ml

Nourishing Cream

Protect,  Moisturizes and Regenerated the skin

This intensive treatment cream is recommended for dehydrated skin, mature skin and very cold and dry climate. It is to be used as a day and night cream after cleansing and toning. The nourishing cream incorporates a blend of essential oils which give it a high energetic hydrating power.

50 ml  

Extreme Cream                            

Extreme Cream for Extreme Weather Conditions

An excellent protection cream against extreme weather conditions: cold, wind, dry air, sailing and skiing. 

It contains powerful hydrating compounds with proven efficiency for hydrating and restructuring the skin:  Aquaxyl,  Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil and Sunflower Oil.  It also contains enhancing ingredients such as lingonberry, sweet orange and oat which are recommended for sensitive skin.

Evaluation of moisturizing efficacy was made by Skin Test Institute (Switzerland) by corneometry measurements. This characterises Extreme Cream as EXCELLENT MOISTURIZER. This is the best qualification delivered by the Institute.

50 ml